RSVP 2019-2021

Read Summarise Verify and Publish (RSVP) is a strategic partnership in the field of youth between 8 partners with a variety of social missions from 8 countries under the leadership of the VisMedNet Association of Malta. 

RSVP builds on the success stories of two Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET VISConti (2014-2016) and UPPScience (2016-2019 still ongoing ) that started up a Community of Practice for players in education, training and industry who are not usually engaged in research into research. The two projects also set up a state of the art digital platform to enable members of the CoP to publish mini research papers after peer review.

RSVP will engage at least 40 different youth leaders and educators to become part of the Community of Practice and active members on its platform so that they can engage in a process that will up their professional profile and social status of their respective organisations. The process will see them engaging in research and publishing of mini research papers on the top 10 skills that employers will be watching out for when taking on new employees in 2025 as identified by a report of the World Economic Forum called "The Future of Jobs" (January 2016).

These are:
1. Complex Problem Solving
2. Critical Thinking
3. Creativity
4. People Managmenet
5. Coordinating with Others
6. Emotional Intelligence
7. Judgement and Decision Making
8. Service Orientation
9. Negotiation
10. Cognitive Flexibility.

The steps that the 40 youth leaders and educators will follow is an onward upwards process are:
- they will read research about one of these 10 skills (4 papers about each skill),
- publish a summary of the research they read (to encourage the reading of research through reading with a purpose),
- engage in field research interacting with stakeholders in education, youth, employment, industry and policy to sustain or gain further insight into the findings of the research they will have read,
- take part in training C1 or C2 in which they will receive training in research process, referencing and writing to be published and
- submit their mini research papers (minimum 3000 words) on the CoP platform for peer review by at least two other members of the CoP.

This process will be monitored and mentored by 8 Ambassadors of Change that each partner will appoint to support the adoption of the new research culture in the partner organisations.

The 40 research papers will form the Gallery of RSVP Research Projects and Mini Papers (IO1).

Summaries of the minimum of 40 research papers published will be combined in the publication "Recommendations for Innovation in Youth, Education and Industry to Synergize with 2025 Employment Trends" (IO2).

The impact of RSVP from top down starts at European level since it is a concrete step towards a stronger ERA by bringing youth professionals, who are not usually engaged in research, into a Community of Practice set up to foster the research culture in professional development. 

At local, regional and national level there is engagement with social players in the discussion on medium term employment trends during the field research carried out by the youth leaders in their RSVP research activities. They will also be engaged in the 8 Multiplier Events in the 8 communities around each partner organisation just after the publication of the Recommendations based on the research of youth leaders in the CoP.

At organisational level youth organisations acquire new status as become playmakers in foresight strategies to ensure that youths of today will be the unemployed youth of tomorrow due to skills mismatch caused by education and training policies and curricula that are out of date. Interaction between youth, education and industry will in fact start during the project in view of the plurisectoral composition of the partnership.

Youth leaders and educators will in this way, thanks to RSVP, be part of the ERA and ahead of time in the understanding of trends that can affect general economic and social wellbeing for the benefit of youths as ultimate beneficiaries of the RSVP project.

During the project the partners will meet for three transnational coordination meetings (M1, M2, M3) and two training activities (C1, C2)

They will organise 8 Multiplier Events as part of a larger Dissemination and Communications Strategy that will be a partnership wide effort to reach out to stakeholders and engage with them to make the CoP population of youth professionals and other players larger and sustainable even beyond the project lifetime.

There will be a horizontal process of quality management and validation of the learning and growth at individual level and a special monitoring effort of the active engagement of partners with social players in their communities under the leadership of two dedicated partners leading these processes.