State of Innovation

RICK'S cafe' produced three reports on State of Innovation that provide a summary of findings and outcomes from the different activities of the network under three specific strands or lines of discussion. They cover topics three topics that help one understand the context of activities like training sessions, discussion fora or Trends Watch activities.

Through these three reports RICK'S cafe' identifies new avenues for innovation in education in key with the themes and character of the network. It provides a basis for discussion within the network for a self sustainable future and onward upward growth of the network. 

The reports are also a way to perpetuate results and outputs of the work of the members of RICK'S cafe' for exploitation and good use in its immediate or medium term future.


New avenues for teacher training and development for a more international perspective in education 


Making the network for schools and for teachers to steer away from isolation and possible irrelevance in the lives of their students and in that of the community around the school. 


RICK’S café network is about schools becoming proactive players in their own right by adopting future oriented strategies for internationalisation while living with policy that is more often than not reactive in generic terms.




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