PrecarioSity 2013-2014

PrecarioSity is aninitiative by local groups of youths from different cities in Europe who are looking into and understanding the phenomenon of precarious employment.

Their activities include research into the areas of industry where the phenomenon of precarious work and employment is more prolific in their local or regional context. They engage employers, legal experts, experts in labour market and policy makers in discussion to understand and create a panoramic view of what is taking place around them. Together they create a joint scenario that will be shared with the general public in order that others can follow developments and discussions on the topic.They will make suggestions to policy makers and stakeholders about the curtailment of abuse and conditioning of the labour market to keep the phenomenon of precarious employment under check.

PrecarioSity activities include :

- a startup meeting in Predeal (Romania) involving youth leaders and youths,
- the formation of a local group of young people in each partner city in a PrecarioSity Local Action Groups,
- a web based exchange between the local groups and
- a transnational meeting in Malta that will bring two youths from each organisation together to exchange results and reflections on precarious work and start up the PrecarioSity EU Lobby.

In all the activities of PrecarioSity the phenomenon of precarious employment will be discussed 

1. from a legal aspect looking into protections given by the laws in force,
2. from a human rights aspect,
3. from a labour market trends and also
4. from the employers and social change aspect as well.

The EU wide PrecarioSity Youth Lobby will create an EU wide picture that is comprehensive and that maps trends and tendencies in the phenomenon of precarious work. The objective is  to educate the widest possible audience about what brings about precariousness issues related to the topic. The Lobby will also take PrecarioSity project into future activities between the partnership and with other social players in the fields of employment, youth and social change.