InternPrize is a blended cooperative learning space for students and young professionals in the creative industries in which knowledge and skills are acquired, partnerships are cultivated and careers are started up. Between 2014 and 2016 InternPrize went through a period of experimentation with a number of European partners of VisMedNet until it matured into a practice that has never stopped growing.

In 2016 Creative InternPrize started when the European Commission funded the project under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for VET programme. Creative InternPrize generates training for start up and experience in the creative industries for students in VET through work based learning apprenticeship experience within the school environment. Project work is generated by the school in partnership with local industry and players in culture, media, social work, youth and other fields and in this way it places students in contact with the labour market.

In 2017 InternPrize got its own project management and relationships management platform as part of the Creative InternPrize project. The platform has tools that allow trainers, students and entrepreneurs to start up collaborative projects in the areas of marketing, promotion, design, social media marketing etc.

In 2018 MARSA InternPrize started when the European Commission funded the project under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Youth programme. MARSA takes on the InternPrize philosophy of landing young people with an interest in the creative industries in projects in real competitive market conditions to gain experience and start building their curriculum in real projects.


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