HE.CO 2018-2020

HEritage valorization for small local Communities – HE.CO

ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for the exchange of best practices (Adult Education)

Cultural heritage represents a dynamic reality, since it is something in constant growth. This includes the discovery and continuous acquisition of data and materials, as well as artistic and expressive experiments of our times. Such dynamism must follow the continuous updating also of operators, officials and all administrative staff who work mainly in small centres (municipalities) which have to deal with limited resources and often poor visibility. Reactivating an "economy of unexpressed beauty" could generate additional turnover in these municipalities for 1.6 billion euros and generate 30,000 new work units. Furthermore, the web can certainly play a decisive role, offering to museums, libraries and even administrations great communication possibilities, provided that a communication strategy is developed, consistent with the mission of the bodies involved and that make use of all the tools at its disposal, from the website to social channels, to online platforms. If this happens, even a small museum with great ideas can build a very strong digital identity, not only to communicate with its audience, but also to involve it, thus fulfilling its most important mission.

This project aims to promote an exchange of good practices and the development of new methodologies through the use of ICT for the enhancement of local cultural heritage between different European countries, directly involving operators and administrators of small centres that will then be directly responsible for implementation of these actions.

The main advantages achieved through the HE.CO project will be:
- development of better skills and abilities of operators and sector officials for the development of strategies to be put into practice in the enhancement of the local cultural heritage;

- possibility to get in touch with different European realities that already realize projects dedicated to the enhancement of local heritage and establish a lasting network for collaboration;

- encourage the process of Europeanization of small centres through a better knowledge of the ERAMSUS + program and other funding programs, aimed at increasing the participation of small centres in the opportunities offered by Europe.

Results of the project will be:
- analysis and sharing of good practices at European level between the different countries involved, then gathered in an electronic publication;
- n. 5 meetings in mobility between the different countries involved for the realization of study visits, meetings with experts, etc.;
- definition, based on the good practices collected and the study visits, of an international training course dedicated to operators and officials of the administrations
that can be realized within the project itself.

Project duration: 24 months
Applicant: ANCI LAZIO (Italy)

Partners : CIAPE - CENTRO ITALIANO PER L'APPRENDIMENTO PERMANENTE (Italy),  STICHTING AMSTERDAMSE HOGESCHOOL VOOR DE KUNSTEN (The Netherlands), Plunges rajono savivaldybes viesoji biblioteka (Lithuania), Izobrazevalni center Geoss d.o.o. (Slovenia) and VisMedNet Association