Education & Research

Over the years VisMedNet has been leader or partner in international projects in education and research that represent the organisation's mission to promote innovation in education and be a starter in the fostering of the research culture in the minds of educators and students.

VisMedNet has ongoing activities with a large network of partners from all over Europe and the Mediterranean that work in in mainstream education, VET, Adult Education and Higher Education. It also works with policy makers and players that can bring about change in society through education.

Projects and Networks in Education and Research

SEEP Network started in a Comenius Network 2009-2012. It was a network of schools, universities and other players in science education and the mission was to instil curiosity in future applications and careers in science. The network still lives today and will undergo changes in 2017.

VISConti started as a Strategic Partnership for VET 2014-2016 that set up the VISConti Community of Practice and created tools and methodologies for validation of creativity, viability and economic potential of concepts in STEM, IT and science related subjects.

UPPScience is a Strategic Partnership that is in a large way a continuation of VISConti, enlarging the CoP in size and scope to include publication and peer review of mini research papers in STEM, IT, science related subjects and some areas of humanities subjects.

Yes, You Can! was a Grundtvig Adult Education project 2013-2014 funded under the LLP programme and it was a learning partnership for organisations working in culture with disadvantaged groups.

EMWOFA was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for VET 2015-2017 and it intended to convey administration and management skills to women in farming.

Creative InternPrize is an E+ Strategic Partnership for VET 2016-2018 that was started by VisMedNet's InternPrize initiative creating training on startup in the creative industries.

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