EMWOFA 2015-2017

Empowering Woman Farmers with Agricultural Business Management Training

Woman farmers generally do not have formal vocational education, they are less educated and they learn farming by informal learning while working in their farms or other farms.

Moreover, women in agricultural sector are usually not equal in terms of economic return and employment. Women are less literate than men and they are also paid less in agricultural jobs compared to men.

According to EU 2020 Strategy, some of the EU goals are to modernise labour markets and empower people by developing their of skills throughout the lifecycle with a view to increase labour participation and better match labour supply and demand and to improve the business environment, notably for SMEs, and to support the development of a strong and sustainable industrial base able to compete globally. The EMWOFA Project will promote these goals. It aims to provide a comprehensive training program for extension educators who will have direct contact with women farmers. These extension educators will help women farmers to develop technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills through specialised training;
- to realize their full-potential to operate and sustain profitable farms as small businesses;
- to gain self confidence as a businesswomen.
These extension educators will also support network among woman farmers and help them to learn to understand and manage their farm business.
Training resources have been produced by the EMWOFA project in different languages and using different media including video and eLearning.
VisMedNet has been mostly active in the area of dissemination, sharing of information, local networking and exploitation to make sure that the benefits of the project reach as many beneficiaries and multiplier partners as possible.
Organisations involved in training and activities in agriculture in Malta are optimum audience for EMWOFA future strategies.

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