Creative InternPrize 2016-2018

Creative InternPrize is a partnership between 11 organisations including 3 VET schools, 1 VET provider, 1 adult education provider, 3 universities, 1 enterprise centre and 2 NGOs working in education and training who have come together to implement a concept based on project oriented apprenticeships and internships in the creative industries.

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Creative InternPrize generates opportunities for start up in careers in the creative industries for students in VET through work based learning apprenticeship experience within the school environment. Such project work is generated by the school in partnership with local industry and players in culture, media, social work, youth and other fields and in this way it places students in contact with the labour market. This cooperation does not only bring VET schools closer to enterprise but also brings enterprise into the school space.

Creative InternPrize has its own VIRTUAL DIGITAL PLATFORM that is a common working place for cooperation between students under the instruction and mentorship of teachers and the local industry that benefits from the work of the students. Thanks to this platform students can work from home, in their own time, alone or together with others instilling in them a sense of responsibility, cooperation, autonomy and a sense of enterprise.

The partners have created training content for teachers in VET on the subject of start up and this will include resources and materials, manual and user guide of the virtual digital platform. This training on startup are now also available as OERs supported by Unintettuno University for trainers and youth leaders outside the partnership and beyond the project lifetime. To supplement the training resources the partners are creating a video gallery of narratives of the InternPrize experiences in the school in which teachers, students and entrepreneurs share the experience and anecdotes.

The benefits of Creative InternPrize are for a wide spectrum of student profiles including :

- gifted students who wish to explore career possibilities in the creative industry,

- students often labeled as having learning challenges due to their aptitude for the practical as opposed to formal education,

- students who have a particular creative streak possibly accompanied by a sense of entrepreneurship and

- students from any gender and geographical, cultural, religious, economic, social background given that InternPrize works through projects generating positions and vacancies and therefore giving merit to skills and aptitudes.

Towards the end of the project lifetime the partners started to look into possibilities of implementing the methodology of bringing students in contact with enterprise through project based work experience in the creative industries in mobility projects. They are also exploring possibilities of the transfer of the InternPrize experience to other sectors outside the creative industries.