Collecting Memories 2013-2014

Enhancement of oral traditions and cultures of local food by stimulating the spirit of initiative and creativity of young people.

The project was funded by the European Commission under the Youth in Action funding programme and it involved partners from the Netherlands, Benin, Argentina and Italy. It was developed under the leadership of the City of Bra.

Activities involved the engagement of young people in video workshop activities with a view to the generation of content around oral heritage. Local groups of youths interacted with the elderly where they could narrate their past or describe traditions that have died out or could become extinct within a short time.

There was a startup meeting in Vaals in the beginning of the project and a public event in Bra at the end where the partners presented their activities in their communities and the results of their work with young people as well as their engagement of local organisations in their activities of Collecting Memories. VisMedNet Association was also responsible for the dissemination effort and the building of the the project website.

After the end of the project VisMedNet continued with the initiative involving young people who took part in its activities involving them in the acquisition of video making skills and project management while interacting with older generations.