When we were migrants

We Migrants is a project by six partners from France, Italy, Malta and Tunisia under the leadership of GO-ERCN of Marseille.

We Migrants was conceived to help youth leaders and organisations and younger generations to be engaged in public education on the topic of migration that is based on objective information, historical and social background knowledge and an awareness that migration flows today are not something unique to our times.

However the topic is but a vehicle for the introduction of an innovation in the youth sector that can be transfered to any other learning activity that offers to participants a mix of non-formal, informal learning and digital competences.

We Migrants will also develop a new model and tools for the planning and monitoring of activities that offer a mixed learning experience to participants.

We Migrants is a reaction to social changes and migration flows of our times that are now one of the most common subjects of discussion all over Europe. It is also the result of the wish of the partners to engage young people in discussion and video making activities on communities of French, Italian and Maltese migrants to Tunisia in the last century.

The idea is that in this process the thinking about migration is not only about North Africa as from where migrants come to Europe today but also about when North Africa was a destination of Maltese, Italians and French migrants where they formed communities and somehow preserved their identity and cultural traditions kilometres away from home.

The partners will plan and implement a mixed learning environment through:
- non-formal learning of youths and leaders in video content development, production and distribution in a real life environment,
- informal learning in local activities that will engage youths in research, social engagement and activism, self management and collective responsibility for quality of joint work and
- digital competences in use of collaboration tools for cross border cooperation, social media management and digital online distribution channels for video content.

The partners will develop the Mi.L.E. (Mixed Learning Education) model and tools for the planning and monitoring of activities intended to be mixed learning environments using the mixed experience offered to participants by We Migrants. The model is in key with the new trends in education of more autonomy through digital competences and personal / professional skills that foster autonomy and personalised learning. By way of transfer Mi.L.E. will benefit all other sectors of education.

The activities of the project will be:
- an Advanced Planning Meeting and a training activity for youth leaders and youths about video making techniques, discipline, research and online collaborative tools in the beginning of the project,
- the formation of local production teams for the production of video content through cross border collaboration between France, Italy, Malta and Tunisia,
- post production work to produce three video clips about the communities of French, Italian and Maltese migrants in Tunisia and an effort to distribute them to the widest possible audience in Europe,
- three Multiplier Events for the reaching out to the local, regional, national and EU public,
- the production of a video clip that will be horizontal to the three video clips including a testimonial about the experience and the change in frame of mind that the project activities promoted and brought about and
- a final meeting for conclusion and exploration of future cooperation between the partners.

There will be three horizontal activities namely the management and coordination, the dissemination and exploitation strategy and a quality strategy aimed at the validation of the learning process of the partner organisations, youths and youth leaders involved in the project activities. It will also produce recommendations for future emulation of the project activities beyond the partnership and beyond the funded lifetime of the project.