Universal Dream Bus

VisMedNet Association has embarked on an ambitious project that brings some years of light hearted exchange between European partners to fruition.

In December 2010 the partners in the RICK'S cafe' network creatively came up with the idea of the RICK'S cafe' caravan. This was imagined to be a vehicle that would go around Europe acting as a platform of discussion between educators, students and social players about the subject of intercultural exchange. Here it is now.

In December 2014 some partners of the VISConti project were musing about the idea of a bus. It was jokingly baptised as BUSconti. It was imagined to be a bus of opportunity for the expression of creativity in science. Here it is now.

In December 2015 members of VisMedNet and other partners started working together on the concept and realisation of the ROCKINeu network. The major challenge was to help young and upcoming rock bands to be more mobile and to have a platform on which to perform. Here is the answer to that challenge.

The process of restoration and conversion of the Universal Dream Bus will be a two year project that will be carried out with the support of members and partners of VisMedNet Association using the InternPrize platform.

We have started a vlog for the Universal Dream Bus where we share the progress in the project.