Science & Enterprise Empowered Partnership

ENPI programme :

Thematic objective: A.2 Support to education, research, technological development and innovation

Priority A.2.1 Support technological transfer and commercialisation of research results, strengthening the linkages between research, industry and other private sector actors

Brief description of the project:
SEEP creates a Community of Practice (CoP) for researchers and entrepreneurs in which:
- researchers publish mini papers to summarise academic research making it accessible and readable by the layman and to share ideas for possible future research,
- entrepreneurs read publications by researchers and rate them for relevance to their industry , context and realities within which they operate and
- entrepreneurs and researchers work together to create new ideas and identify new areas of needed research that can make business more innovative and future oriented.
Activities in the CoP will be mentored by expert partners in the CoP dynamic and will be supported by a state of the art technological platform to remove all physical borders and to become a field of play in which cooperation between EU and Mediterranean countries, between researchers and enterprise can continue beyond the project lifetime and extend its reach to introduce new areas of cooperation.
In key with the philosophy behind CoPs:
- membership in the SEEP CoP is exclusive for individuals and not for organisations which means partners will need the direct active engagement of their researchers and science practitioners in industry making it a community of the direct beneficiaries,
- activities in the SEEP CoP are results oriented and are therefore 100% results oriented through structured activities driven by mentors and brokers for more creativity and breaking borders and
- professional profiles of all members are important at point of entry in the SEEP CoP to guarantee quality and membership is in itself an exercise at upping one’s professional profile making activities in the CoP an opportunity growth for all members be they from research or enterprise.
SEEP will in this way make research a more active direct contributor to the economy of the EU and the Mediterranean in a visible manner and therefore helping R&D become a better candidate for more funding and support from policy making bodies and industry.

Main objectives – issues to be addressed:
The three objectives of SEEP address three needs:
- research not shared outwards to reach the possible end user limits the opportunities for the commercialisation,
- SEEP forms a Community of Practice that is more disciplined and has a better infrastructure to operate and
- SEEP creates link between researcher and enterprise so that the market may also prod the research question prompting research structures to explore uncharted areas.

Desired partnership structure:
One central coordination team made up of Applicant, Expertise in management of Communities of Practice, Technological Platform and Leader of the Observatory of SEEP process.
Local clusters made up of Higher Education / Universities / Research Centres that carry out and publish research in STEM, IT and science related subjects and players including policy makers, enterprise incubators and innovation centres that support economic activity in enterprise that applies STEM and IT.
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1.Making academic research in STEM and IT accessible, public and readable by the professional / entrepreneur who do not necessarily have a background in science or the right mindset to read academic research.
2. Formation a Community of Practice made up of researchers and professionals / entrepreneurs from industry that applies STEM and IT or that could benefit from research in the field.
3. Local activities in brokering discussion and forming small working groups and first exercise at joint creation of research questions.
4. Formation of cross border small work groups within Community of Practice.
5. Establishment of Observatory of the SEEP process and publication of recommendations based on reflections of Observatory.

Expected results:
A Community of Practice brining together players in research and industry using a technological platform that enables them to share research questions, research and creation of partnerships aimed at exploitation and commercialisation of research.

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