ROCKINeu Mentorship

ROCKINeu is a platform for young bands and performers who network under the leadership of others who share what music and performance have taught them. It is a network of young music talents from Europe and the Mediterranean who come together to build opportunities and work in joint projects that give them experience and exposure.

ROCKINeu was started up by VisMedNet in 2014 after fruitful interactions between older and younger music composers and performers in Barcelona, Perugia, Bordeaux and Turkey set the scene for a structured network that includes various genres of rock music for a variety of audiences. ROCKINeu is attracting bands to become members of the network to participate in its events EU wide and working with partner organisations who wish to invest in their young and upcoming musicians in mentorship activities with seasoned rock musicians.

Experience philosophy
This is an experience for young and upcoming musicians in the field of rock and genres of music that can be easily married  with it without compromise on homogeneity and context for the pool of participants in the activity in which preparation is as important as the mobility part of it.
Profiling will be of paramount importance for this professional artistic development of participants and it is open to trainers and students of rock schools or entities who are in a position to offer opportunities to promising musicians.
Opportunities offered by this experience are :
- the establishment of networking with other bands as a sine qua non condition for growth in the music industry,
- a startup offer for careers in the music industry albeit as a dual career scenario in most situations as is most common in the upcoming musicians growing experience,
- a platform for music development with other musicians in a creative working environment in key with the philosophy of ROCKINeu that seasoned and upcoming musicians work and play together in close collaboration through mentoring and joint composition, improvement in delivery activities and base setting for future collaborations.


15th - 30th November 2015
15th - 30th March 2016
Antalya, Turkey
1st - 15th May 2016
1st - 15th May 2017
10th - 25th January 2016
10th - 25th January 2017
Isle of Wight
1st - 15th June 2016
1st - 15th June 2017

The experience will be repeated in four locations over a period of two years in order that sendin organisations may take time to solicit participants after a careful profiling process. The timing of the activities will be such as to ensure the networking of the participants between them and local bands and musicians in key with the network mentality of the ROCKINeu initiative. The locations have also been chosen because organisations that have already shown active interest in the ROCKINeu networking of young and upcoming bands will host the activities offering their space and tapping their local audience of young bands and musicians to enrich the experience and maximise networking opportunities.

Information about how to request funding from your National Agency (deadline 2nd March 2015)

Outputs and results
The organisations taking part in the joint activities are already conscious of the ROCKINeu networking concept and its mission and as such the training and mentoring experience will produce in the minds and lives of the participants the goals of the network. It will also bring closer the partner organisations because through their engagement in hosting, sending and profiling of young and upcoming musicians under their care they will be taking part in a process of internationalisation, making their training offer more attractive and they will become active contributors to the music industry in Europe in a number of ways that are also reflected in the goals of ROCKINeu.
The experience will bring about the following career development opportunities :
- young and upcoming bands and musicians coming in close contact with each other in a structured mentoring process that helps them understand the benefits of networking, their potential in the professional rock music world even if this may be in dual careers sets of circumstances and establishing friendships in their artistic field,
- young and older musicians with years of experience in composition and performance work together in preparation, face-to-face structured collaboration oriented towards the achievement of specific goals and post experience networking to make careers more rewarding and sustainable and
- young and upcoming musicians will take part in mobilities for an intensive artistic development cooperation aimed precisely at generating sustained networking particularly because of the ancillary training and mentoring on the platform of entrepreneurship and networking strategies, digital footprint and audience development that will be an important part of the preparation, mobility and follow up activities of the experience.
Artistic leadership content
This experience has a specific start and end dates and specific outcomes that will be attained. 
This means that sending organisations will be very active in profiling the potential participants in the ROCKINeu experience be they local participants when the experience is hosted by the organisation or be they participants in the mobilities planned under this project.
The profiling of the participants means that young musicians and bands will be assessed on the basis of quality of their work to date, composition, performance experience. The will also be profiled for their readiness to network with others and an aptitude towards mobility and professional approaches.
The preparation phase will involve seasoned musicians in the rock scene already working with VisMedNet will start a mentoring process during preparation phase in order that the work during the mobility can be well structured, efficient and productive. This activity will be web based using online discussion forums and spaces already existing in social media spaces to facilitate exchange.
The mobility will bring together local and travelling musicians and bands to work together under the artistic leadership and mentoring of experienced musicians who will take the role of youth leaders and artistic mentors for the participants.
The artistic workshop will bring together the participants in a number of pre-defined artistic production including :
- joint composition,
- mutual covers of music works,
- joint pilot performance and
- experimentation
Artistic branding activities will also contain bridges with the entrepreneurial aspect of the experience namely through the use of video interviews about the activities and the results. This will facilitate sharing and ensuring that the network of participants from the various activities will become and remain active in the building of their web based digital footprint to enhance their portfolio and promotion tools for their short to medium term music career possibilities.
Artistic development and mentoring will be delivered by musicians who have been in the field of composition and production of rock music for decades, have published singles and albums as well as performed in several countries and all this within a dual career environment thus making them trainers, mentors and excellent role models throughout.
Entrepreneurial development content
Participants will take part in online discussions during the preparation and profiling phase before the mobility. They will also have face-to-face workshops and monitored activities during the mobility and in the follow up phase in the area of digital footprint generation, tapping of audiences via web based visibility strategies and a gentle but persistent approach towards sharing and networking with others, promoting oneself as well as products developed with others.
This entrepreneurial development part will be a compact mix of marketing and branding techniques. It will make use of mindmaps that represent strategies based on the awareness of direct links and direct / indirect consequences of market trends and the generation of opportunities through avenues that make young and upcoming musicians and bands more proactive and less sporadic in their efforts for opportunities to perform especially beyond borders.
The training and development will help participants understand that working with others works provided one is ready willing and able to contribute to friendships and collaborations. It will put them on the right track towards internationalising their product and make them see their career in music as possible in spite of challenges.
This part of the training and mentoring will be carried out by experts of VisMedNet Association that have been working in the area of networks generation and sustainbility, mentoring of young people on career projects and dissemination iniatives for more than a decade. They are co-authors and editors of the practical guide for sustainability in culture organisations and activities that was produced by the Yes, You Can ! project together with European entities of prestige and mentors of three European networks in education and development including one on the measurement of creativity.


If your organisation wishes to send musicians or bands who are seen as viable candidates for full time or dual careers in rock music contact

Information about how to request funding from your National Agency (deadline 2nd March 2015)