Oral Heritage

"There is no past that we can bring back by longing for it. Only a present that creates itself while the past withdraws."

         - from The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel

We like to add that as the past withdraws one's own reminisces can bring a wealth of insight into the background of what youths have around them today. 

This is why we treasure avenues towards intergenerational solidarity not as a mere maxim but as an opportunity for youths to grow by learning from individuals who believe that age is an asset and that experience is an opportunity for sharing. Much has been thought and experimented in the field of adopting grand parents, volunteering and the engagement of older people in society. Our thoughts lie in cooperation and our target group of beneficiaries are the youths inkeeping with the background of the association. We work on generating space for new cooperative activities in which youths bring upon themselves whatever they can learn from exceptional men and women who are ready to use their energies and time at any given opportunity.

VisMedNet has already carried out international activities in the field of intergenerational solidarity under the Youth in Action funding programme in the project Collecting Memories that engaged young people to interact with older generations in an oral heritage working environment. New initiatives in the same direction are presently under development.

We are presently working on taking this further in the area of

Industrial Oral Heritage    Memories of past emigration from Europe      Traditions related to ports      Vintage Bus Conversion Projects