MARSA initiative

MARSA is a recent initiative by VisMedNet to impart skills in social media and marketing strategies in social education and activitism for young creatives. It is part of the InternPrize practice of VisMedNet to give exposure to real market conditions to young people vying for a future in the creative industries.
Social education has its own challenges given that content is appreciated by certain segments of society and not well received by others. Pressure from politics and mass media is often adverse to positive messages related to topics like migration and the acknowledgement of social malaises of certain social groups, dependencies on social media, substance or avid consumption. Discussions on such topics are at times either absent or else energised by mere political expediency and inert repetition of statements from social media.
Under the umbrella of our MARSA initiative we will be starting up projects in cultural spheres and social media in order that we can create market conditions exposure to young people seeking skills and experience in marketing and distribution strategies. The initiatives will at the same time engage young people in social interaction on the sensitive topics therefore giving them the right mindset of citizens that form opinions based on information of substance rather than on what the uninformed are all too often ready to dispatch in rash judgemental statements on social media.
MARSA has till now inspired a cultural cross border initiative in the field of music that will help raise awareness on the issue of migration promoting approaches that are higher on human element. It is also behind the creation of a number of youth cross border initiatives that seek to engage young people in informed discussion of migration in a historical context and in social education through video content on the topic.
MARSA is in part building on previous activities it had coordinated and implemented as leader of the RICK'S cafe Network.

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