Heritage and Tourism

In key with the positive experience in the area of oral heritage and its consciousness about the potential that lies in areas related to heritage and food in Malta VisMedNet has started up dialogue with interested organisations in Malta and partners with more experience in the field from other countries. This discussion has the aim of generating opportunities for professionals in the food industry. It will also bring together players who stand to gain from the local and international public becoming more aware of the cultural heritage that lies our food traditions that we very often take for granted.

At this stage the concept that VisMedNet is working on is focused on public events that require preparation and experimentation during which our local chefs and patissieres can work together with other professionals with a view to acquiring new skills and engage in a concerted effort towards bringing to their class the respect and recognition they deserve.

The ideas that VisMedNet is working have their foundation on the wish to make us all more conscious of the close link between culture and gastronomy and how the latter can in a number of situations be a form of artistic expression in its own right.

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