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Upcoming training activities

Film Analysis and Storytelling : Short Film to Feature-Length January 2016 Two day workshop for Screenwriters, Producers and Developers. Workshop on screenwriting for short films and the process of developing them into feature-length movies Films studied: - Tim Burton's Frankenweenie (1984 short and 2012 feature-length) - Fabrice du Welz's Calvaire (2004), and Quand on est amoureux, c'est merveilleux (1999) The workshop will be lead by Gary Dejean holds a Ph. D. in Film Studies from University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. His doctorate's thesis was concerned with Stories of Suffering and how they affect the viewer. He has taught Film Analysis for two years to first and second year students, and written two books (a novel and a poetic essay) before his thesis. His experience on story-writing now spans over more than ten years in medias as varied as film, theater, novels and novellas, role-playing and video games. He is now working with Accra Film School (Ghana), helping set up the logistics for a two year diploma programme. His themes of predilection gravitate around ethics, political correctness, and the nature of the individual within society.

Past training activities

Acting for the camera June 2015 Three day intensive workshop for Actors. The workshop was all about how to become confident in front of the camera, to understand the relationship between the camera and the actor, and how to make one's performance on film stand out. It was about how the understanding of the many, wonderful facets of film acting increases one's confidence on set, helps develop your uniqueness as an actor, and gives the best tools to deliver the best on-camera performance. The workshop covered practical, key aspects of acting on camera and included numerous exercises performed in realistic “set” conditions with professional guidance. The workshop was lead by the English actor and acting coach, Seán James Sutton. Seán has been a professional film actor and trainer for many years and has acted in film in many countries around the world from the USA to Austria to India to Italy and Greece. As part of his training activities he gives short courses to groups as well as more specialised one-to-one coaching to individual actors. He has a YouTube channel where he hosts numerous “tips and tricks” videos for actors, entitled Being a Film Actor. Being a Film Actor is also the title of a popular e-book he has written for new and aspiring film actors. More recently Seán has begun working with casting film projects in Europe and further afield.