Community Bus Conversion

General Design

This was the first step before starting the conversion works on the bus. The bus was measured and a design was generated to reflect the structure and skeletal structure of the vehicle.

The first design work was carried out by Mohammed Kaiba from Morocco. Mohammed is studying engineering design in Salesianos Burgos in Spain. The school was one of the first to endorse the project and to adhere to the idea that the bus can be a Community Bus even during the conversion process receiving input from the widest possible pool of partners possible.

Works on the bus start in 2018 in different phases:
- clearing out interior
- removal of outer panels, treatment, galvanisation and reinstallation
- cleaning, treatment and spray of chassis and bottom,
- change of engine and operational parts to make vehicle fit with Euro 5 / 6 standards,
- design and installation of electrics for the new purposes,
- design and body conversion to make bus usable as mobile theatre and a platform for public activities,
- treatment of fibreglass roof and
- final finishing works.